There are different types of professional home builders. Some will make a custom design while others will follow a basic model. There are some things to look at when considering professional home builders. 
                Custom home builders will make the home from the starting point. They work with the homeowner and design the home. They can sell the homeowner a piece of land or they can put the home on land that the homeowner already owns. A person can work with the builder and the architecture team to design the home they want. The builder will make the home custom for their client. 
                Production builders are more common. They will build homes on land that they own and sell them to people once they have been building. These homes usually follow a simple model and design. They may look the same and they are able to be put up quickly. The interior of the home may allow for customization. 
                There are some differences between working with a custom builder and a production builder. The production builder already has the land. They often sell the lot and will make homes that look similar to one another. A customer builder will build the design the homeowner wants and is willing to pay for. The homeowner can put the house on land that they already own.  They can have custom home plans designed and the builder will follow these plans. A home builder may also have a lot that is available but it is up to the homeowner to decide where they want to live. 
                These are some of the types of homebuilders that a person can work with. The builder that they choose to work with will be based on where they want to live and the type of home that they want to live in.