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Plumbing Supplies

Plumbers need a variety of plumbing supplies to execute different tasks successfully. Whether installing, fitting, or repairing pipes for proper channeling of freshwater, wastewater, or gas, plumbing equipment comes in handy. When a plumber’s tool bag has all that’s needed for any job, he doesn’t have to worry about any call that comes his way. With the required plumbing supplies, a plumber can do basic plumbing jobs to more complicated jobs. Let’s look into different plumbing supplies that can help a plumber do different jobs properly.

Personal Hand Tools

Plumbers have to access plumbing points by navigating through thick walls, dank spaces, tiny spaces, among many others, when doing their jobs. Without different plumbing supplies, some tasks can prove challenging to do. However, a plumber can use personal hand tools to access all plumbing points. Such tools include various wrenches like a pipe wrench, basin wrench, adjustable wrench, and faucet key. The wrenches will help a plumber fit different nuts and bolts, gripping threaded pipes, attaching and removing pipe fittings.

Other tools help a plumber in pipework, clearing clogs, and for safety purposes. For pipework, a plumber can use a hacksaw, tube, and plastic pipe cutters, torch, thread sealing tape, pliers, Allen keys, ball peen hammer, caulking gun, crowbar, drywall knife, and press-fitting systems. For clearing clogs, one can use plungers, hand auger, and snake machine. When it some to safety, a plumber can use goggles, gloves, and heat shields. There are other essentials a plumber can have in his tool bag to ensure he is set for any job. Such essentials include PEX pipe expander & fittings, crimpers, stubby screwdriver, borescope, and plumbing business software. (Buy Plumbing)

Consumable Materials

Consumable materials are plumbing supplies that cannot be reused. They are unlike personal hand tools that a plumber doesn’t have to replace after using them. Consumable materials include duct tape, masking tape, PTFE tape, Dust sheets, copper strapping, 50/50 solder, soldering paste, plumber’s putty, silicone, nails, and screws. Consumable materials help a plumber do basic plumbing jobs like pipe repairs and fixing complex jobs like pipe installments. (

Power Tools

When installing pipes, a plumber needs to drill through concrete or wooden walls. They also need to access faulty pipes in the walls to repair them. A plumber may use a cordless power drill, hammer drill, reciprocal saw, or sabre saw. There are several other power tools a plumber needs to ensure everything is well set. They include an electrical multi-meter, inspection camera, metal detector, pipe freezer, pipe thawer, circular saws, and welding equipment. (

When plumbers are set with the right plumbing supplies for their jobs, they can be ready for any plumbing job. A beginner can consult a professional plumber to know the simple plumbing supplies for basic plumbing jobs. But once a plumber wants to go all in, he should ensure that his tool bag has everything he needs. He should make sure that the tools bag has the correct personal hand tools, consumable tools, and power tools needed for the tasks.